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Website Troubleshooting – Did Your Website Break?

Your website just crashed, but did you even know about it?

Most recently, there has been a dramatic change affecting all WordPress websites. For many years, WordPress has supported older versions of PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) but now must be updated to PHP 7.0 or higher as PHP 5.x is reaching “end of life”.

With this major change, many popular WordPress plugins and themes are breaking for many people. The only way to ensure your website continues to work properly is to have it maintained on a regular basis. When you work with us here at Online Graphics, every one of our customer support plans includes regular website monitoring. We use a variety of tools to ensure your site stays updated while you can remain completely hands off at all times.

There are also many sites online that were coded using the static HTML features that have now gone the way of the “Dodo Bird”. Everything that comes with a WordPress CMS website is designed to meet or exceed the needs of Google search which is a basic requirement for advertising online.

We like to refer to this regular website maintenance as “keeping your website heartbeat alive” and pumping normally. You have spent a considerable amount of time and energy getting your website published online … keeping it that way is just as important.

Sample Site Issue

Below is a screenshot of what you may be seeing with some WordPress websites recently. The root cause of this issue is the recent version change in the main PHP software which drives all WordPress sites.

If your website displays similar warnings, reach out to us today; we will solve your technical issues, right here and right now.

Website Maintenance Package

Web Maintenance Package

  • Real-Time Website Scanning
  • Wordfence Hacking Protection
  • Regular Software Updates
  • 99% Uptime Guarantee*
  • Automated Backups
  • Website Hosting Included
  • Backend CPANEL Access
  • FTP Access
  • Break-Fix Labour Included**

* Best Practices Guarantee (read terms & conditions)
** Labour Hours Limited (read terms & conditions)

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