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Web Marketing Gold Features

Our Web Marketing Gold package is designed to be a lead generating machine. Using your newly upgraded website, we use a variety of marketing techniques to generates sales leads using improved Google search rankings and social media engagement. Your website features everything offered in our Web Design Gold package plus much more.

All Web Design Gold Services

Our Web Marketing Gold package includes all services offered in our Web Design Gold package.

Branding for Social Media Channels

You may have already set up your social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. This package includes a full review of your current branding and updates to same including adding a Facebook page header video.

30 Targeted Keywords

A core element of any online marketing campaign is the proper selection and use of keywords, keyword phrases and long tail keywords. You supply us with 30 single product/service focused keywords and we create a comprehensive keyword marketing spreadsheet for you. We utilize the Google Keyword Planning tool and Google Docs spreadsheets to display and track your keyword marketing efforts.

Website Blog Module

You will enjoy better Google page ranking through the use of your new website blogging feature. The key to success with any website marketing is to become “an expert in your field” – blogging about your business is a good way to achieve success.

1 Blog Per Week (up to 800 words)

We have several creative content writers working with us at Online Graphics. With our Web Marketing Silver package, you get weekly professional website blogs that are designed to support your keyword marketing campaign. All blogs are posted from your new website to your social media channels and link back to your website to generate sales leads.

7 Facebook Posts per Week

When you use a Facebook business page as part of your marketing strategy, it is important to keep it updated with fresh posts. We do all the work for you including creating Facebook friendly graphics, writing creative content posts and, most important of all, keeping the posts “social” and “personalized”. We have always seen better results when we concentrate on the “social” part more than the “media” part with Facebook and other sites.

7 Twitter Posts per Week

Many companies are not using Twitter effectively. There are certain “tweeting rules and etiquette” that make all the difference with your marketing – trust us to do it right, right here and right now.

7 Instagram Posts per Week

Instagram is a unique social channel that can be very effective in promoting your products and services. However, part of this promotion is to create “personalized & eye catching posts”. We will help you make a strong visual impact and teach you how to post, when to post and, most importantly, WHAT to post.

YouTube Channel Admin with Annotations

YouTube is one of the most important social media resources to help your company succeed with online marketing. Our Web Marketing Bronze package includes setting up your YouTube channel correctly and assisting in the administration of same. Our Web Marketing Gold package includes video annotations linked back to your website as calls to action. We can provide you with full video production as well.

Weekly Client Success Meetings

You will benefit from our weekly client success meetings held online using Google Hangouts. During your meeting, we review all of your marketing metrics to date and help strategize for upcoming months.

Google For Business Admin

Google For Business used to be known as Google Places and is now a key part of any online marketing effort. We will be working with you to set up and/or maintain your new profile. This includes creating a professional Google Maps listing and setting up Google Reviews for your website.

Google Organic SEO Targeting

An important part of any online marketing campaign is the effective use of keywords and keyword targeting with Google search. We work with you to improve your overall Google search ranking results (SERPS) with the intent to get you on page one whenever possible.*

Google Reviews Admin

Google Reviews is one of the best ways to improve your overall lead generation. It is important to display your results within the Google search engine, on social media sites and on your website as well. We can also assist with your Facebook reviews as well.

Google Tracking/Reports

Your new website is always tracked using Google Analytics regardless of the package you order. We will set up and maintain your Google tracking and reporting and present all results to your at your monthly client success meeting.

Social Media Tracking/Reports

Your Web Marketing Bronze package includes comprehensive social media tracking and reporting present to you once a month at your client success meeting. We also email you your reports for your archiving and targeting needs.

* Online Graphics uses Google best practices to help improve your overall page ranking within Google search pages however, we do not guarantee any specific page ranking at any time regardless of the marketing package you order.

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