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Social Media Marketing

When working with your business we normally recommend that you consider using as many social media accounts as possible as long as you can ensure to update each account on a very regular basis. One of the biggest mistakes we have seen over the years is businesses linking to social media accounts that are basically “content dead”. In our efforts to improve your overall online marketing success, we offer a complete set of services to remedy this.

It all starts with branding each of your social media channels (where allowed) with your current company colours and logo. Brand identity is a very important subject that some overlook. Think of some of the major brands like CocaCola, McDonald’s, KFC, etc. … you can see where they are very dedicated to keeping their branding in front of the buying public at all times. It comes down to several factors most specifically familiarity & sub-conscious appeal. Keep your logo in front of the buying public at all times … they may simply click on any given ad or online post simply because they recognize the logo or branding.

Another important factor in your branding campaign is putting forth a professional approach. If your branding differs from channel to channel or site to site, the end user may become confused or get a sense that you are not detailed enough. The “devil is in the details” is as true today as it was when it was first captioned.

Online Graphics has several social media branding packages to add custom branding to your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and GooglePlus channels. Instagram is alone in not allowing for much customization however we will put your logo on all of your uploaded Instagram images using a discrete watermark.

When your website images are picked up by Google (and they will be) it is great to see your branding on those images and prevents others from “borrowing” your protected and copyrighted content.

Facebook Ads

A good way to generate quality leads for your business is by using Facebook advertising … by using it effectively. Just posting an ad on your Facebook page is not gonna do it. We say this because we made the very same mistake early on. You need to use a much more aggressive and technical approach that includes audience demographics such as: age, geographic location, job and/or career & personal interests.

Social Media starts with the word “social” and ends with media. Base your content on “social” aspects by avoiding direct talk about your products & services and using the “benefits or real world stories” shared by your customers instead.

There are several different types of Facebook ads like video ads, lead generation content, canvas ads, etc.; consider experimenting with unique content to help generate click throughs. One of the benefits of working with Online Graphics is that you get our personal take to help you succeed.

You can retarget customers that have already purchased from you or have visited your website. One of the very best methods of generating leads is to build your contact email list.

Think of those ads that caught “your attention” and “why did you click on that ad”? Very often, the image or video used may not even be related to the actual ad itself rather it is simply very engaging. You need to set up a very detailed testing environment, track all metrics and do more of the good stuff and less of the bad. Sounds simple enough … however it can be a very daunting task. Contact us to give you the support you may need.

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