Tech Talk

When it comes to publishing your business website online you should always consider the golden rule “content is king”. But, not just content … “relevant and updated content”.

How you choose to keep your website current and interesting can vary widely industry to industry however one of the most popular platforms used is WordPress. This is our personal choice for all business websites because it remains easy to work with and has so many great free plugins, etc. There are two main sides to WordPress, the “dot org” and the “dot com” versions. We suggest you stick with the always free “dot org” builds.

WordPress is based on the very popular PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) coding language.

What is PHP?

Open source scripting language
Scripts executed on the server
Free to use

What is a PHP File?

Files can contain text, HTML, CSS, JavaScript & PHP code
Code are executed (processed) on the server with the result being returned to the browser as plain HTML

What Can PHP Do?

Generate dynamic page content
Create, open, read, write, delete & close files on the server
Collect form data
Send and receive cookies
Add, delete, modify your database
Use to control user-access
Encrypt data

Why PHP?

Runs on Windows, Linux, Unix & Mac OSX
Compatible with most servers (Apache, IIS, etc.)
Supports a wide range of databases (most common is MySQL)
Easy to learn & runs efficiently


WordPress was launched in 2003 and has become one of the most popular platforms for business websites. You can create a content rich website or blog with relative ease.

There are thousands of free “themes” to use with WordPress however, at Online Graphics, we create all of our sites with custom coding to meet your specific needs. Some WordPress themes suffer from “coding bloat” which can slow down the entire site’s refresh rate. We are fans of simple yet engaging & dynamic websites.