Client Sites

A-Line Tools – November 14, 2016
Platform: Wordpress

From time to time, Online Graphics works with various IT recruiters in the Toronto area.

This particular client came to us through Vitamin T Talent asking us to take over this build as many issues were starting to crop up. Over the course of 2 weeks, Woody rebuilt this entire site to the client’s exacting specifications and made the site mobile friendly as well.

ACT Foundation – August 27, 2012
Platform: Wordpress

Woody was initially hired by IBM Interactive Group in Toronto to build the complete back end using WordPress for this IBM Interactive design. Since the initial build, Woody has converted this site into French and also done some video editing work for this client.

We recently completed a mobile conversion for both the English and French sites.

Brett Jayne – April 13, 2015
Platform: Wordpress

This client was introduced to Woody by Suffolk Computer Consultants in early 2015. Bret wanted a reasonably cheap but modern looking website to represent his already thriving business in The Hamptons. We chose WordPress with the pre-packaged TOTAL theme to deliver this solution for him.

Broadview Landscaping Inc. – June 15, 2015
Platform: Wordpress

We are in the process of finishing up on this website for Broadview Landscaping Inc. located on Long Island in New York state.

This particular build involved dozens of images organized into various galleries with some before and after sliders created as well. It has been a distinct pleasure working with this fun client.

CANA Factors – March 13, 2017
Platform: Wordpress

We were introduced to this new client by our friends at Groovy Concepts in Oakville, Ontario.

This particular website build was very straight forward and was completed in less than 48 hours. After some very minor page adjustments, this client was very impressed with the speed of delivery offered. We did take over the initial build from another website developer who was not meeting with the client’s goals.

Chesterfield Associates Inc. – June 10, 2013
Platform: Wordpress

Woody met Jean LaVallee of Chesterfield Associates in early 2013. The owner of this company wanted to be placed on the first page of Google search results for “marine construction in Maine”. Woody delivered and has maintained this SEO position and also designed and built their new website as well as doing some onsite digital photography for the client.

Clearview Windows – September 19, 2016
Platform: Wordpress

We often get to work on some very interesting product focused websites and this one is no exception. The cleaning process used by this client is simply terrific which made this build that much more interesting.

We decided to keep this site very light and as clean as possible to represent the very processes they use in their unique business.

Orange Bazooka – August 10, 2015
Platform: Wordpress

This website is one of our most engaging efforts working with Rob Worling and Morris Guido at Orange Bazooka in Toronto. Rob and Morris needed us to take their creatives and make it work seamlessly and responsive with WordPress including both a Gravity forms registration form with database metrics capture and a new Mail Chimp email marketing program.

The Cocktail Architect – August 15, 2016
Platform: Wordpress

When this client contacted us about developing a new site for them, we jumped at the chance to work with such an interesting couple from New York.

This client specializes in all things high end cocktails and event management and have a very robust business with some of the most interesting content to share online. We simply loved working with this client … definitely one of our all time favourites.

Many more client sites are coming within the next 48 hours …